Ebay replaces Paypal with Adyen

PayPal is currently EBay’s payments processor, meaning merchants selling on the marketplace have to have PayPal accounts to accept funds, and it will remain a checkout option for EBay shoppers at least until July 2023. But Adyen will gradually take over processing EBay payments, beginning in North America this year and will handle a majority of transactions in 2021.

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Uber enters the bikesharing market

Uber announced today that it will begin offering bike-share options for users in San Francisco, thanks to a partnership with a New York City-based e-bike company called Jump. The inclusion of bike-share in Uber’s app will certainly be seen as a boost to the nascent bike-share industry, which has been experimenting with electric and dockless options as it grows across the world.

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Distribution vs. Innovation

The battle between every startup and incumbent comes down to whether the startup gets distribution before the incumbent gets innovation.

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China to block foreign crypto exchanges

China is escalating its clampdown on cryptocurrency trading, targeting online platforms and mobile apps that offer exchange-like services, according to people familiar with the matter. Says Bloomberg

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Airbnb now let's you spread your payment

Airbnb is rolling out a new feature called Pay Less Up Front. It helps you to pay your trip spread out. With the feature you don't have to pay your accomodation all at once so it's supposed to make people book faster

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Airbnb loses thousands of hosts due to SF registration rules

Thousands of San Francisco hosts on Airbnb and rival home-stay sites have stopped renting their homes and rooms to tourists. Many others are scrambling to register their vacation rentals with the city as a Tuesday deadline looms for Airbnb and HomeAway to kick off unregistered hosts.

Growth hackingHow to acquire users

A full breakdown of all the tactics the author uses for his agency clients. Landing Pages → A/B Testing → User Onboarding → Ad Channels → Ad Copywriting → B2B Sales→ and Content Marketing

When Uber enters a market, it lowers DUI's and fatal accidents.

The advent of smart-phone based, ride-sharing applications has revolutionized the vehicle for hire market. Advocates point to the ease of use, lower prices, and shorter wait times compared to hailing a taxi or pre-arranging limousine service. Others argue that proper government oversight is necessary to protect ride-share passengers from driver error or vehicle parts failures and violence from unlicensed strangers. Using U.S. county-level data from 2007 through 2015, we investigate whether the introduction of the ride-sharing service, Uber, is associated with changes in fatal vehicle crashes and crime. We find that Uber’s entry lowers the rate of DUIs and fatal accidents. For some specifications, we also find declines in arrests for assault and disorderly conduct. Conversely, we observe an increase in vehicle thefts.

Is there some genius in the Juicero?

Juicero failed because they focused too much on the juice, instead of problem solving and consumer value. Is there still some geniussness that could be pressed out of the Juicero concept?

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Airbnb wins lawsuit against big Californian property owner

Aimco, a company that manages around 50.000 properties in California lost a lawsuit against Airbnb in which the company was seeking for monetary damages and a cease and desist for Airbnb. Aimco, claimed that Airbnb is enabling people to break their leases.

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Berlin unbans Airbnb for first and second homes

Berliners who want to rent their apartment during their own holiday, can do so 60 days a year. For this, they have to register with the district office, get a number, which they then have to specify when renting on relevant portals such as wimdu or Airbnb. By the end of March of the following year, the "home-sharers" must indicate when and for how long they have rented their apartment.

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Dutch ridesharing platform Abel ceases operations

The Dutch alternative for Uber ceases operations in Amsterdam on december second of this year.
The ridesharing app was a welcome alternative for Uber that let you share rides and plan ahead. It was an UberPool avant a letre and they have build a loyal customer base in Amsterdam, but it was not enough. 

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