Jump (uber) and Bird are coming to Europe

Uber is bringing it's recently acquired e-bike company Jump to Europe according to Techcrunch.
While Uber  was already promoting cycling in Brussels, it now seems that they are actually bring their e-bikes to Europe. They are not alone in their mission to bring shared electric two wheeled transport over the Atlantic. Bird is also flying from the United States to the European Union. They are actively scouting for new team members to acomplish this. 

Uber to buy Jump

On January 31st Uber announced that they would partner up with Jump. Now the seem to take it one step further and are to buy the company.

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A day in the life of Americans

This is a very interesting page about how the average American spends his/her day. It is also a great example how data visualisation makes certain complex datasets very comprehensive and understandable.

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Netherlands plan hoge solar farm in sea

The Netherlands seems to be proving once again its serious commitment to finding sustainable energy solutions. A floating solar energy farm, the first of its kind in the world, is being developed in the country. 

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